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Best Dr. Khuram’s Beauty Tips

Top And Simple Dr. Khuram’s Beauty tips

As a girl, I’m sure that you find the experts recommended makeup tips to look more beautiful. If yes, then you should read this article, as I will share 8 top and simple makeup tips  By Dr. Khuram’s Beauty Tips that inspire you

  1. Blush  Best Dr. khurram beauty tipsIf you forget your blush on at your home then you can see also the lip gloss and lipstick as a blush, says skin specialist Dr. Khurram.

    “You just need to dab the lipstick on your cheeks with the finger and blend it with the blending brush in a circular motion,

    ” he says. Bonus: It will make your cheeks prettier and blowing without the application of blush.

2: Blotting Papers:Best Dr. khurram beauty tips

In summers you should use the Blotting Papers to get rid of the oil and grease from the skin. If you think that it is expensive for you,

then toilet papers are the best alternative. Just take some papers and keep it in your bag for the further usage. Never rub it on your skin just dab it on your face so your makeup will not be messed up.

3: Deodorant:
If you forget to the Deodorant, then you don’t need to worry.

Just take the baby powder in small quantity and dust it on your underarms to absorb the sweating,

Dr. Khurram says. Don’t skip it during the showers and before going outside.

4: Stress:Best Dr. khurram beauty tips

I’m sure that you heard about the connection between stress and skin. In reality, it is true. When you get stressed, pimples appear on your skin, skin or cheeks. Some females try the spot treatments for this, but the best way to say goodbye to the pimples is to calm down yourself. When you become stressed your body fight against the stress situation and skin issues becomes prominent. In short, the more you will get stressed the more breakouts would appear on your skin. Apart from the acne, stress is also responsible for eczema and dark circles. You should find a way which makes you relax for example you can go for the pedicure, movie or a date dinner.”

5: Beauty Blending:

Blending is the key to perfect makeup, or you can say that it is one of the best beauty tips for face.Best Dr. Khuram’s tips

Beauty Blenders are available in the market in different forms, and they all of them have a different use. Always use the wet sponge, dry one will not give you the perfect foundation blending. You just need to dump the beauty blender don’t need to wet it fully. Try to wet the beauty blender with cool water in summers and use the warm water in the winter for proper blending. For the proper blending take the foundation on the front side of your hand rather than the palm.It is important to clean all the blending tools which you are using for the blending and application.

I hope that you like it and follow it.

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